Friday, September 23, 2011

Puru, Mohanlal and Mithun

I phoned Mithun to invite him and his family for my brother’s marriage. As he was working in the United States he didn’t give confirmation to attend the function. Mithun was my college mate and was a person who never faced opponents in college elections. Unlike our generation college goers, he never consumed alcohol and was a nonsmoker.

His marriage happened six months ago and that was the most posh marriage I attended. The function happened in a lake facing resort and it was indeed beautiful. There was sinkarimeLam along with the couple’s arrival. Bride looked beautiful in white saree and diamond necklace.

Casually I asked him about his wife and he was silent for some time. She was affected with Endometrial Cancer. I was at unease for a while and didn’t know how to console him. The next statement from him was a shocker. His parents want to call this marriage off as the couple had lived together for only two weeks. He disconnected the call as he couldn’t explain more.

My happy mood came to an end there. ‘Why should he listen to his parents on the most important decision of his life?’ ‘Who are they to define number of days to gauge the maturity of the marriage?’ ‘Why can’t he be a man?’ ‘why can’t he stand up on his own and take a decision?’ so many questions came up on mind when my mobile started blinking again.

Mithun apologized for disconnecting my call hastily. He said, it is a tough decision for him to take. He told me that if Yayati’s famous son Puru could take over the old age from his father(whose name later became the root of the word Purush, for males) and if Mohanlal can accept Sari in the movie ‘namukku parkkan munthiri thoppukal’ nothing makes him an inferior man. He said he married a beautiful person and during marriage he gave the commitment to be with her during happiness and sadness, in this life and after.

I thanked God. There is still goodness left in this world.

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silverine said...

"Why can’t he stand up on his own"... because even the marriage was his parents decision. And because marriage has become familial bureaucratic function. Nice post. And so happy to read the last para. What a man.