Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Shazia D/o Abu Master

Hello Feroze-ji.. It’s been a long time. How are you doing?
It was a pleasant surprise to meet Feroze after a long time. Apart from the potbelly, not much has changed in the appearance. Feroze was my classmate during pre-University.
He went Dubai for job hunting immediately after his graduation. This was our first meeting after almost 6 years.
We were discussing our college days after a heavy lunch.( Mutton biriyani served in muslim marriages are usually spicy)

‘Hi Ameen’- I heard a voice from behind.
I returned ‘Hi’.
‘Don’t you recognize me?’.. Abu Master was the classmate of my paternal uncle. I have seen him a few times at my uncle’s place.
Yes Yes !! I do…
When did you return from the U.S?
I came two months ago.

He started speaking about the old days which I failed to recollect. He kept on talking about the discussions we had.
I started getting uncomfortable when he mentioned that I used to phone him.
He reminded me about my meeting with his daughter in a medical camp and our acquaintance after that. I apologized to him mentioning about my bad memory.
He said I phoned him for the final time to inform him about the U.S trip.
I was damn sure I haven’t phoned him on that occurrence.

The bridegroom has come and all attention went there. People started gathering out there.
Immediately after nikkah I went out as I had another function to attend.
Feroze gave me a ride to the station.
Train was running 20 mins late.

Feroze: Hey Man, confession time… I used to make phone calls to her pretending as you. I hope you understand the age when we were desperate to win girl friends..