Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comedy or Tragedy?

ha·lal /həˈlɑl/
–adjective- Halal food: prepared in a manner prescribed by Islamic shari'a law.

Arif, my engineering class mate was a happy go lucky person. He had good knowledge on Islam and we used to have healthy discussions about life, life after death and various other topics. During the second semester he revealed a secret to me. He likes a christian girl in our class. That was a surprise for me. Knowing his parents very well, I knew that this relationship won't work out with their permission. I told him to find someone from our religion. The response he gave me was awesome. He said he can't love someone after checking her horroscope.

During the project days they became good friends. He decided that he will never let her know his love towards her as he didnt want to let his parents down. During those final days of college she came to him and stood in front of him..
Liz: Arif, my marriage is on 28th April. You are my best friend and you should definitely come.
Silence for a while.. Then
Arif: Will there be halal meal for the function?