Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three Vertices

Keerti and Unni were my class mates in engineering. I have seen them always sitting together in Library. The so called conventional types, I must say. Whenever I inquire about the relationship both of them give the same cliché reply, ‘Friendship’. I became very close to them during 3rd semester. Like most of my classmates, I preferred to see them as ‘the best’ couple. I knew him as a very religious person who visits temple at least once a week. He converted to vegetarianism quoting that eating non-vegetarian food leads a person to think like an animal. (Good topic for a debate :) ).

Keerti is a tough lady. I remember one incident during our college days. In the 8th semester of engineering, Unni proposed her. She responded that she too likes him but she is ready to marry him only with her parents’ agreement. I am supposed to keep this a secret.(Between you and me Shh..) She considered her parents' choice above her conscience. I somehow wished I had a sister like this.

It took 6 months for Unni to get a nice paying job whilst she was already working. He wasted no time in approaching her parents and letting them know about his affection. Her parents, like most of the village parents, said a big NO to the relationship. Caste came as a villain in their relationship. He is a Pillai & she, Nair. Even though both of them were against the caste system, she took a stand that she can’t proceed with the relationship because her parents were against it. She was not even ready to let her parents know that she is in love with Unni. According to her, letting them know is equivalent to ‘forcing’ them to accept this proposal and she never wanted to disturb her parents. This stand of her annoyed me. I had one of my biggest fights with her on that day. End of it, She stopped explaining the reason and only mentioned that 'the chapter is closed'. As a person who knows both of them very well, I took the role of a moderator and tried to convince her family. There was no outcome for that long conversation also. Later, Unni flew to middle east and I lost touch with him. As we are working in the same field, I chat with Keerti once in a while.

Last week, a relative of mine eloped with her boyfriend. My uncle and aunt were poignant about the incident. For the first time I looked at the whole episode from a parent's point of view. I strongly felt that she should've informed her parents before taking this extreme step. After seeing my Uncle's situation I was in a dilemma on ‘The correct and wrong perspective’. I phoned Keerti and apologized for the fight we had and the side I took without bearing in mind her point of view.

Keerti responded sadly, ‘No.No..You were right on that day. I regret for the wrong decision I took.'

Sunday, January 6, 2008

One for mother's love..

During fourth semester study leave we(apunka gang) decided to visit everyone's house. On such a daily trip, we went to Surya's house also. Surya was his parent's pampered only son. He gets irritated whenever he hear the word 'pamper' hehe...

A complete kerala sadya of 21 items was in store for us. Once everyone finished sadya, payasam was also offered..

Amit:That was a great sadya..
Surya's mom: U had only one glass payasam.. Please have one more..
Amit: No mom.. I am full..

Then she went inside the kitchen..
Surya: Amit, Don't feel bad about this.. I don't like anyone else addressing my mother as 'mom'.. Please call her 'aunt'..

I was completely taken aback at this conversation.

Later Surya happened to be my roommate in the final year...
Towards the end of seventh semester, i had a small fight with my best friend Ranjna .. I was completely upset about it. I was not even able to face her. Witnessing all this Surya tried to console me..

Surya: C'mon man...Don't act like a kid..
Me: I told you it's difficult.
Surya: Why should you feel bad when she doesn't care about it..
Me: She was my best friend. We were always together and i feel awkward about going to college..You don't understand this as you don't have any feelings.. (I was a bit harsh at him)

Surya: Do you remember the 4th sem party at my house..Did you ask me why I made a scene there.. No.. you didn't..
You know that I am my mom's only son.. But you don't know that she is my stepmother.. My real mom died when I was 5. This lady took good care of me and I never felt that I am a 'Yatheem'. She even decided not to have another baby thinking it might lessen her love towards me. Don't you think this is love?? I never told this to anyone in the college..Yes...I am possessive about her..

I was dumbstruck hearing this.