Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year of a Software Engineer

I never thought that 10 people will meet up for celebrating New Year Eve, 3 years after finishing our Engineering. Things turned out well. We started cooking chicken and bad boys : ) were getting ready for boozing... Happy New Year 2006.

Champs started discussing their good old College days. Suddenly someone asked about Anita, the most beautiful junior who’s also working in Bangalore. Champs started pulling each other’s leg mentioning each other’s crushes. All of a sudden one among us (not me hehe) dialed her number. She attended the call and everyone chatted with her. It was fun to watch them.

Then came apna hero Nikhil and he wanted to talk to her. Others were not willing to hand over the phone as he drank a bit more. Somehow he managed to get the phone and started talking to her.



Anita: Great!! You guys got time to meet up.
Nikhil: Well.. It was a busy schedule.. But, Friends first..
Anita: What are you guys doing now..
Nikhil(with a slow voice): They are boozing..
Anita: Hahaha.. And you?
Nikhil: Me??? I am studying Java..


Wishing you all a wonderful and fun filled New Year Ahead.. Don’t forget to read and write more in 2008….

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

College politics- Chapter1 Library

During 5th semester, one fine Wednesday after the classes were over, we were discussing about Globalisation, America's Imperialism and the supposed-to-be-brilliant topics. Being a college unit executive member of Students Association party, I never missed any of those sessions. It was almost 5 pm and there comes our junior Alok with a complaint.

Alok: Ranjit, Librarian closed the door of Library when I was about to enter the Library. It is still not 5pm.

(Ranjit was the then secretary of Students Association college unit)

Ranjit(angrily): How dare??... What is happening in this college? We shouldn't allow these imperialist forces to take control of things.. We should raise our voices... Alok, you shouldn't worry about this issue anymore.. The party (Students Association) will take care of this.. (issue).

Alok(1st semester student): Thanks a lot Ranjit Bhai..

Ranjit (5th Semester student): That's fine.. We are gonna solve the issue right now.. Tell me one thing, Where is the library?

Alok: I am sorry.. I came to the wrong person.. I don't have any complaint..

Thank God.. Ranjit didn't reach anywhere in the state or National politics till now :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dil Chahta hain

.........One was lavender and the other was a dark blue shirt. Sunday early morning only I was able to decide which shirt to wear. Nervous?? Yes I was. Saturday night itself i had polished my shoes. Everything was planned. Just before I started my journey I rang her and informed that I shall reach bangalore SBC station at around 11 am. My train starts at 7:30 am.

Now a small flashback, in college canteen..

Ranjna: What plans for the final year seminar?
Ameen: No plans as of now.... <Suddenly idea strikes....> What about contacting someone from PES College.
Ranjna: It's in Bangalore itself and is easy for me. But I don't know anyone over there?
Ameen: I have a friend in final semester Electronics. He can arrange for visitor pass. You can search the library and may look in the archives for some interesting topics. What say?
Ranjna: That sounds good.
Ameen: This sunday I am not much occupied (As if i am busy on other weekends). I can accompany you.
Ranjna: So we will go this Sunday..

Flashback over..
Whether I was in love with Ranjna or not is altogether a different topic. But somehow I loved the moments i spent with her. I considered this as a golden chance to roam around Bangalore alongwith her. These words echoed in my mind, 'if you want something desperately, the entire universe help you to achieve it. '

I booked the tickets and saw one train slowing down at my station. I was wrong. The train was rather starting than stopping.I asked someone in the staion about the timings of my train. He showed me the moving train.

Again, those words echoed in my mind, 'If you want something desperately......' Without wasting time, I started running after the train. Believe it or not, the train stopped and the train driver appreciated my dedication which forced him to stop the train...

After getting down at SBC station, I rang her as per the plan.

Ameen: Can i talk to Ranjna?
Otherside: 1 min
After some time, Ranjna: Ranjna here..
Ameen: Hei. It's I. I have reached Bangalore.
Ranjna: Sorry Ameen.. You may proceed.. We have some guests today.. I shall go and collect some other day..

Yeah... Dil bahut kuch chahta thaaa...