Saturday, May 5, 2007

The first step...

In the name of lord who taught me how to write.

To start with, why the name 'Al ameen'? In Arabic, it means honest. There are mainly 3 reasons for that.

  • During 6th century AD, there lived a prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Arabia. He was the leader of Muslim community. Regardless of the religion, people of Arabia called him as 'Al ameen', the honest. Ironically, his enemies believed in his honesty and used to give their precious holdings to Muhammad (pbuh) for protection when they were on war with him.
  • Coin collection is one of the hobbies which I started in my childhood days. I don't remember when I started this, but I do remember when I stopped. I was of age 4 and it was a Sunday morning. My grand father went out to visit some of his friends. I found his valet near his pillow. I opened it and to my surprise, I found good amount of coins and currencies. I took all the coins and threw away the currencies (those days, I was not as intelligent as I am now... J ). Later my father came home and found currencies all over the bed and coins in my hand. Should I explain what happened next?? After 30 mins, my back was full of artistic patterns.. Dear friends, it did hurt at that young age. But I became happy after 5 mins when my father offered me some chocolates and when I found his eyes were wet. He told me, 'You should never lie or steal'. After that I've never lied to my father.
  • I perform fasting during the month of Ramzan. One other thing I do in this month is to take some new resolutions at the end of month. Last year, I checked the number of lies I tell on an average day. It came to around 15 even though most of them were harmless. I didn’t take too much time for deciding my new resolution. Yup!!! I am not going to lie anymore...

Disclaimer:- In the best interest of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances I might not use the correct name of people here.